Thanks for visiting and taking a look around, I hope you like what you find. If it’s not blatently obvious then this is the personal website for cactushead. I will be bringing the latest news from all my online projects here and will be providing some cool stuff for you.

Who is Cactushead?

Cactushead is the alter ego of Lee Holburn, a computer geek in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m a technology enthusiast who has been involved with several websites and projects based around technology. Version 1 front pageYou may know me from my work as a leading staff member of the famous which I designed. So I was involved with everything from producing reviews, creating graphics, coding, forum administration and pretty much anything else that was needed. For more comprehensive details about then please visit my page dedicated to the now closed website.

Although I spent most of my time running I have branched out to other projects, most famously kamagra prix This is a technology website that I have designed and constructed from scratch twice before. Although I do not create content for I am a leading staff member who basically deals with any problems that occur. As I designed the website I am responsible for all the graphics, coding and backend maintenance so basically if something needs done then I will probably be the one to sort it out.

TechTVs Mod Mania with YoshiI have had various other projects including the help in the production of a book by TechTV’s Yoshi which you can read about on my page or by clicking on one of my projects links (top right of screen).

History was originally created in 2002 and subsequently moved servers in 2003. The original design was created in a very short space of time and because of other projects remained the same until 2007.

cactushead_2002The new design was created in 2007 following a move to using wordpress as the backend. The design itself was created by starting with a template by N.Design Studio as a foundation to start from (mainly to save development time) and was significantly modified using custom coding, css and gfx to create a unique template which should be a bit more suitable for this website.

Additional Information

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